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So ...welcome to my little corner of the world. I have redesigned the website so that hopefully more relevant content can be seen by those wanting to follow certain authors or keep up to date with new book releases or Blog Tours. I always try to keep the website as updated as possible but if any of you notice something missing or incorrect feel free to drop me a line.

Although I am better known As Best Crime Books, I certainly don't restrict myself to that genre and regularly read humorous and romantic novels all of which you will see scattered over the website. All of my content such as all my reviews and tours can be found on the Blog Page, and author content can be found in the drop down lists. 

I hope you like the new look and as ever I look forward to hearing from you all on all the various Social Networks I appear on.  Just remember if there is anything you would like to see featured here just drop me a line.


What I'm Reading

Synopsis: Jon Reznick has never played by the rules, a trait that has brought him into conflict with FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein in the past. But now Meyerstein has been taken by a shadowy gang, and the renegade black-ops specialist may be her only hope for rescue.

The FBI are reluctant to let Reznick anywhere near the case, but he’s not in the habit of seeking their permission—especially once his covert investigation leads him straight to the head of the Russian mob. And it soon becomes clear that it’s not only Meyerstein who’s in danger: her abduction is just the start of a campaign to undermine American law and order.With Meyerstein’s whereabouts unknown, and the CIA and FBI seemingly operating at cross-purposes, it falls to Reznick to go it alone. Can he get to Meyerstein before the mob get to him?

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