Jenny Colgan

Bio Taken from Website: "Jenny Colgan was born in Scotland and has lived in London, the Netherlands, the U.S. and France. She eventually settled on the wettest of all of these places, and currently lives just North of Edinburgh with her husband Andrew, her dog Nevil Shute, and her three children: Wallace, who is 11 and likes pretending to be 19 and not knowing what this embarrassing ‘family’ thing is that keeps following him about; Michael-Francis, who is 9 and likes making new friends on aeroplanes, and Delphine who is 7 and is mostly raccoon as far as we can tell so far"

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  1. Amanda's Wedding (2000)
  2. Talking to Addison (2000)
  3. Looking for Andrew McCarthy (2001)
  4. Working Wonders (2003) aka Arthur Project
  5. Do You Remember the First Time? (2004) aka The Boy I Loved Before
  6. Where Have All the Boys Gone? (2005)
  7. West End Girls (2006)
  8. Operation Sunshine (2007)
  9. Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend (2008)
  10. The Good, the Bad and the Dumped (2009)
  11. Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe (2011) Cupcake Cafe #1
  12. Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop of Dreams (2012) aka Sweetshop of Dreams Rosie #1
  13. Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe (2012) Cupcake Cafe #2
  14. The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris (2013)
  15. Christmas at Rosie Hopkins Sweetshop (2013) Rosie #2
  16. The Little Beach Street Bakery (2014) Beach Street Bakery #1
  17. The Christmas Surprise (2014) Rosie #3
  18. Summer at the Little Beach Street Bakery (2015) Beach Street Bakery #2
  19. The Little Shop of Happy-Ever-After (2016)
  20. Christmas at The Little Beach Street Bakery (2016) Beach Street Bakery #3
  21. The Summer Seaside Kitchen (2017)
  22. Spandex & The City (May 2017)
  23. The Cafe by The Sea (Due Aug 2017)