Lynda Renham

Lynda Renham is famous for her romantic comedy novels. She has been called A Comedian in a Book, Chicklit Royalty and A Comic Genius. Her writing style has been likened to Sophie Kinsella but is refreshingly down to earth with characters that become your friends. Lynda is a prolific writer, blogger and when not writing can usually be found wasting her time on Facebook. Lynda lives in Oxfordshire with her second husband and cat.

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  1. Croissants and Jam (2012)
  2. Coconuts and Wonderbras (2012)
  3. Pink Wellies and Flat Caps (2013)
  4. The Valentine Present and Other Diabolical Liberties (2013)
  5. The Dog's Bollocks (2014)
  6. It Had to Be You (2014)
  7. Rory's Proposal (2014)
  8. Fudge Berries and Frogs' Knickers (2015)
  9. Fifty Shade of Roxie Brown (2015)
  10. Perfect Weddings (2016)
  11. Phoebe Smith's Private Blog (2016)
  12. Remember Me (2017) CRIME & THRILLER
  13. Hunters Moon (2017) CRIME & THRILLER