Tim Weaver

Tim Weaver was born in 1977. At eighteen, he left school and started working in magazine journalism, and has since gone on to develop a successful career writing about films, TV, sport, games and technology. He is married with a young daughter, and lives near Bath.     

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  1. Chasing the Dead (2010) Raker #1
  2. The Dead Tracks (2011)Raker #2
  3. Vanished (2012)Raker #3
  4. Never Coming Back (2013)Raker #4
  5. Fall from Grace (2014)Raker #5
  6. What Remains (2014)Raker #6
  7. Broken Heart (2016)Raker #7
  8. I Am Missing (Due 27 July 2017)Raker #8